The LawtonElite Series - An intricately crafted, comprehensive micro instrumentation series for neurovascular and skull base procedures designed in collaboration with Michael T. Lawton, MD.

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LawtonElite Microscissors

  • Newest addition to the LawtonElite Series
  • Reusable or Reposable Options
  • Hyper-thin & ultra-sharp blades with curved tips
  • Dual use as a curved dissector in closed position
  • Non-slip, counter-balanced, ergonomic handles
  • Ideal use for Arachnoid Dissection, Opening the Sylvian Fissure, and Opening the Cisterns

LawtonElite Neurovascular Bypass Instruments

  • Available in multiple lengths with flat or round handles
  • Accommodates varying depths of surgical field
  • Useful in vascular, tumor and spine cases
  • Low profile allows for control and ease of use
  • Strong, Very fine, Extra fine and Long tips
  • Carbide coated jaws
  • 30° & 60° up extra fine microscissor tip
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LawtonElite Micro Dissection Instruments

• Round Knives with various angles, directions and sizes to adapt to the exposure and the lesion

• Micro Biopsy Cup Forceps work in small cavities with fingertip control of instrument

• Microscissors with traditional and reverse actions for dissection of deep locations through tight corridor


LawtonElite Microdissection Tray